Advocacy Insights: The Value of an Immediate Follow-Up

Using different channels to cultivate your leads once they’ve taken an initial action is critical. Rather than only sending to unproven segments of our housefile, we tested sending an immediate follow-up text message to brand new Facebook leads. Being the latest to take action, we wanted to test whether they were also more likely to take a subsequent action.


By hitting Ad Leads with text messages asking them to send another letter we drove an LPS of 185, which is 23x above benchmark.

Overall, this increased letters by 12%, and reduced the cost per letter by $5.


(LPS) Letters Per 1k Sends, (CPL) Cost Per Letter.


In texting recent Ad leads, we generated 118 additional letters at an LPS of 185 and a Cost Per Letter of under $1 and brought down the lifetime Cost Per Letter by $5 by only spending $88.

In this case, leads who came in through ads in the previous 48 hours are more than 17X more likely to send a letter when compared to our benchmark

Why It Matters

By leveraging recency and a multi-channel approach to letter sending, we brought down the lifetime cost of leads delivered via ads and spent a fraction of what it cost to initially bring them in.