What We Do

Integrated Planning

The Fusion team believes strongly in an audience-based approach to buying – putting an emphasis on research and experience to deliver media to targeted audiences across all screens. Our first priority is to understand the target audience and match their media habits to a media mix to maximize our potential reach. 

We are also proud to offer our clients fully integrated media plans so full linear and CTV/OTT weight is accurately reflected. Considering all screens and frequency across channels helps inform our message progression strategy and move spots along more effectively and strategically – making the most of ad dollars. Cable extension/VOD and OTT play a big role in our overall reach goals. These multi-screen opportunities work best in conjunction with, and not separate from, linear broadcast and cable buys. 

The ability to do this stems from a constant emphasis on innovation and outpacing an extremely fast-paced industry. In addition to being certified in all platforms, our team is always on the lookout for new ideas and tactics to achieve optimal results for our clients at the lowest possible costs.

Audience Calculator & Optimizer

Winning starts by knowing who you need to talk to, where they consume media, and how often. Our audience looks at each of the mediums your audiences uses, calculates the prices of those mediums, and allows you to plan the most effective…and efficient buy possible.

While audience calculator gives us a great starting point, we know that as campaigns run, they change. Our audience consumption moves, prices in auction shift, reach changes. At Fusion, we use our audience optimizer to track all of this, and we use that information to constantly hone your buy.