How Uber Can Help Drive Your Influencer Campaign Forward

We’re always on the lookout for innovative ways to engage D.C. influencers for our clients. Our latest achievement involves seamlessly integrating Uber advertisements into our media mix, allowing us to extend our reach into the daily routine of the most influential policymakers and influencers in our nation’s capital city.

By targeting riders with D.C. destinations, we ensured our subtly persuasive ads reached the right audience at the right time.

Uber, traditionally cautious about political content, provided an opportunity when approached with a gentle advocacy approach. Our creative team adjusted our calls-to-action, moving away from overt political advocacy. Instead of direct congressional references, our messaging celebrated the role of subjects within the community, encouraging users to “learn more.”

The Results

The results of this endeavor exceeded expectations. In a week, our client’s ads were featured on over 100,000 Uber trips, reaching 93,000 unique riders at a cost of $0.17 per trip. Notably, our ads exclusively occupied advertising space throughout the entire journey, eliminating competing clutter and leading to a click-through rate surpassing the industry standard.

Why It Matters

This accomplishment highlights the power of innovation. By exploring new avenues and tailoring content, we achieved the feat of becoming one of the first advocacy advertisers on the Uber platform. The dynamic digital landscape requires fresh perspectives and adaptive strategies. As the digital arena gets busier, expanding our media mix and crafting effective content becomes increasingly important.